About Us

Why Virage?

Virage is French for to turn, shift, or bend. As a name it perfectly represents what we do.

Our Approach

We believe in customized solutions that meet your operational needs and promote financial success.

Our approach is different. Be prepared to provide full access to your business from your P&Ls, to your goals, to your long-term plan. We have to learn your business before we can market your business. We need to know where all the bodies are buried so we know where not to dig.

In order to have success in marketing and design, you must be willing to plan your business, turn and shift campaigns based on data and analytics and bend your thinking about creative and innovative ideas

Our job as a marketers is to help people find you, your job is to close them.

Our Fearless Leaders

We are the ultimate professionals but we are also a lot of fun. Check out our pedigrees and say hello.

Carolyn Gullion

Owner & CEO

William Gullion

President Architecture, Design & Construction

Say Hello to Virage!

We work with local, regional, national and global entities with our office in Naples, Florida, we are execited to work with you.

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