Our strengths are based on creating global innovative solutions. We solve multi-layered problems while working across various business departments and functions to achieve your overall targets. Virage has proven design and analytic skills to improve your customer’s experience, enhance your brand awareness and create customer loyalty on a global scale.

With over 55 years of combined experience, our team has developed some of the most upscale products in the hospitality industry, as awarded by JD Power & Associates for 16 years in a row.

Hospitality Marketing
Hospitality Strategy

Here is what Virage can do for you

Our goal is to create programs and implement strategic plans to improve communication, increase brand awareness and promote efficiencies for your customers, partners, vendors and internal team members by offering the following services:

Strategic Marketing Planning & Implementation

Brand & Product Development

Design Guides & Narratives

Franchise Documentation

Technology Data Management & Publishing Solutions

Prototype Designs

Creation of Brand Standards

Property Improvement & Quality Assurance Programs

Creation of Vendor & Partner Relations

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We work with local, regional, national and global entities with our office in Naples, Florida, we are execited to work with you.

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